Campervan Brewery

Make your own journey of discovery.

Some of the smells and tastes you’ll encounter on this Blonde Voyage include zesty citrus aromas from the hops and a tongue-tingling hint of fresh lemongrass. With a crisp, natural sweetness from the malt, this light blonde ale will infuse you with that summer vibe.

ABV: 3.8%

Great with…
  • Fragrant Thai curries
  • Creamy pasta dishes
  • Anything barbecued!


Take your tastebuds on an exotic adventure.

We’re not afraid to rock the boat when it comes to giving beer identity. In fact, this rebellious milk stout gets its unique aroma from the use of roasted coconut at the conditioning stage. Relish the rich chocolate and coffee infusion before soaking up the subtle vanilla flavour.

ABV: 4.2%

Great with…
  • Haggis, neeps and tatties
  • Chilli beef nachos
  • Vanilla cheesecake, chocolate profiteroles and all things sweet and lovely!


Embrace the fizz!

Shake up your perception of beer. This champagne-style beer will add sparkle to your life and shake your tastebuds. Breaking away from traditional beer recipes, we’ve balanced the fruity flavours of New World hops with the bitterness of French Trickle hops. Champagne yeast allows each little bubble to deliver a real punch of tropical fruit luxury.

ABV: 4%

Great with…
  • Olives, crudités and all manner of tasty nibbles!
  • Crisp green salads
  • Smoked salmon, crispy squid, chilli prawns, salty seabass – basically anything of the fish or seafood variety.… also perfect as an aperitif.